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In the summer of 2020, the Internships@State program transitioned to a self-service framework designed to help MSU departments create and manage internship opportunities on campus. The new Internships@State Framework (I@S) supports MSU departments that provide internship opportunities for MSU students. Supervisors can use the I@S Learning Agreement to post internship experiences on the My Spartan Story platform to identify MSU students` learning activities outside the classroom. The most important result of the internship is that the intern has a much better understanding of the daily professional tasks in his field and strengthens his professional network. Another is that a successful internship can lead to a strong recommendation from the intern`s organizational leader, as well as the CSUS internship coordinator of their major. It can also lead to a job offer to the organization of internships. In summary, the internship, more than any other course in the program, depends on the student who brings daily his knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of his choice. This is a capstone course and should be conducted if the student is a senior so that they bring a solid foundation of knowledge and experience to the internship. Our internship coordinators can help you find an internship that`s right for you. Even if you don`t have your credit placement, we`d love to know where you did an internship and if you liked the internship. If you feel you have an internship success story that you would like to share with other students, contact us. Any feedback you have will be useful to other students looking for internships, you can contact us at wensloff@msu.edu.

Your supervisor must complete and submit the practicum evaluation form. We will contact your manager, but in some cases we may need you as a reminder. You must notify us if your supervisor changes during your internship. You are responsible for keeping us informed of the current contact during your internship. Under Broad College policy, students are allowed to complete a maximum of three credits of internship or other work experience to count towards elective courses required for graduation. Internship loans cannot meet the general requirements of the core or core field. An internship in your field is one of the best ways to improve job prospects after graduation. Media and information internships prepare students for the real world by providing not only hands-on on-the-job experience, but also opportunities to network and make valuable professional contacts. Most graduates believe that the experiential learning gained through internships helped them find that first important job.

Whether you`re looking for a part-time job, internship, or full-time job after university, the process of finding a right position and employer involves developing a search strategy. This plan, or series of steps, is designed to help you achieve your goal: getting an offer for a position that matches your interests, skills, values and personality. Once your practicum has been approved and MI 493 is on your calendar, you must: Instructors serve as a link between registered students and their practicum location. If students have any problems or concerns regarding their internship, they should not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to contact the internship to find a solution. The Gordon and Norma Guyer Endowed Internship Program offers scholarships of at least $1000 to support MSU students participating in creditworthy internships (field experience, i.e. MC 400/401). Any student who completes the field experience in spring 2023 with an internship in the field of public policy should apply. Professional internship in public, industrial or state accounting under the supervision of the faculty.

Note: Disney internships are NOT accepted at this time. Once you`ve landed an internship or still need help finding one, our office can be a resource! When you apply for the following semesters of an ongoing internship, a new application is required each semester. Here too, subsequent semesters in the same institution require an increased degree of responsibility and new experiences. CSUS strongly supports and recommends CSUS students to complete a paid internship instead of an unpaid internship, as it better values the student`s knowledge, effort and commitment to the internship organization and career. In practice, this also reduces the financial burden on the student. The purpose of the internship is to provide students with extensive and in-depth professional work experience in their field. This experience must represent at least 400 hours of work. You can have paid and unpaid internships credited.

However, not all work is eligible for internship loans, including: This course is offered to supply chain management students who are receiving financial aid or who are not U.S. citizens and therefore must maintain their full-time enrollment status in the fall and/or spring semester while completing a six-month internship. Contact Kelly Lynch for information and access to the course. You can get up to 1 credit for every 5 to 6 hours of work per week over a 15-week semester. If you do not work the full semester, your credits are calculated based on the total number of hours you will work during the internship during the semester. See diagram. IMPORTANT: If you are scheduled for an interview for an internship and you cannot do the interview or have decided that you do not want the internship, you MUST call or notify the potential employer. If you don`t, it will affect those who come after you – the potential employer may no longer want to interview ComArtSci students due to unprofessional behavior.